Animal Activist Brent Kloecker says that because of all the issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time for people to connect with others by volunteering to keep themselves grounded and maintain a purpose.

Most people will agree that living in the midst of a global pandemic is no easy task. COVID-19 has presented a number of challenges for people all over the United States and the world. The CDC has reported that the rate of depression among people of all ages has increased since the beginning of the pandemic. With rolling surges of the virus, extended unemployment…

Brent Adam Kloecker has been a big proponent for military academies over the years, arguing that they are one of the best places to send students on a high-achievement pathway. Far from being a place of punishment, these schools can provide one of the best hands-on environments for a student geared towards success and ready to find high levels of companionship along the way. Recently, he discussed these benefits to highlight their critical importance for young students and motivated teens.

Why Brent Adam Kloecker Supports Military Schools

Over the years, Brent Adam Kloecker has noticed that military academies have gotten…

Animal Rescuer and Advocate Brent Kloecker Discusses the Benefits of Animal Companionship During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Animal shelter benefactor Brent Kloecker says that adopting or fostering pets during the pandemic does a lot more than save the lives of deserving animals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a lot of people feeling lonely and isolated. Social distancing is difficult, and for people who live alone, the endeavor is incredibly taxing. According to the JAMA Network, an information-sourced website maintained by the American Medical Association, the prevalence of depression is triple what it was before the pandemic.

One of the reasons for the increase in the number of people experiencing symptoms of depression has a lot to do…

Georgetown, TX / Brent Kloecker is a leading light in the animal rights field and has volunteered much of his time and energy into helping animals. He has become a significant benefactor for many animal shelters in his area, believing that they help out communities in ways that many people may not even realize without a little investigation.

Brent Kloecker

Brent Kloecker is very big on animal rights advocacy. It all started with his own pets: After trying

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