Brent Adam Kloecker Discusses Military Academies for Young and Focused Teens — Brent Kloecker

Brent Adam Kloecker has been a big proponent for military academies over the years, arguing that they are one of the best places to send students on a high-achievement pathway. Far from being a place of punishment, these schools can provide one of the best hands-on environments for a student geared towards success and ready to find high levels of companionship along the way. Recently, he discussed these benefits to highlight their critical importance for young students and motivated teens.

Brent Adam Kloecker Discusses Military Academies for Young and Focused Teens — Brent Kloecker

Why Brent Adam Kloecker Supports Military Schools

Over the years, Brent Adam Kloecker has noticed that military academies have gotten a bad reputation from many circles. Some teens may think that these are a place of punishment or somewhere that should be avoided. Brent A. Kloecker disagrees with this concept entirely. An excellent military academy is a fantastic place to send a high-achieving student, he says, as it can provide real benefits for their career.

First of all, Brent Adam Kloecker believes that the positive student-to-teacher ratio at a military academy is a great thing for many students. In some schools, the rate may be as low as 5-to-1, meaning teachers have more time to work with students. Brent A. Kloecker believes this type of specialized attention is vastly beneficial for high-achieving students, as it can help them achieve higher levels of success.

Just as importantly, Brent Adam Kloecker also finds that this low student-to-teacher ratio helps build a stronger connection between teachers and students. Rather than barely knowing a student’s name and struggling to know where they succeed and fail, teachers in a military academy can feel a more robust understanding of a student and provide them with specialized attention to boost their grades if they struggle.

Even better, Brent A. Kloecker believes that the physical training routines standard at a military academy can help many students succeed. Students at these schools will go through regular workouts and drills that help them lose weight and stay in shape. And Brent A. Kloecker believes that these lessons also help students learn better exercise routines later in life, enhancing their health in many different ways.

Just as importantly, Brent Adam Kloecker also believes that students get unique access to training that other students in public schools do not receive. For example, activities such as target shooting, mountain climbing, debate teams, ROTC programs, and cultural exchanges help to make students more substantial and more capable, Brent A. Kloecker says, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

As a result, Brent A. Kloecker suggests a military academy for any serious student about their success and who wants to go to a high-quality college. Graduation results from a military academy are as high as 95 percent at the high school level and 90 percent at the college level. These rates are high above public school graduation success, showing that military academies help engender real success.

Originally published at on March 18, 2021.

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