Brent Kloecker Discusses How Helping Others During the Pandemic Can Help You Find Purpose and Keep You Grounded

Animal Activist Brent Kloecker says that because of all the issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time for people to connect with others by volunteering to keep themselves grounded and maintain a purpose.

Most people will agree that living in the midst of a global pandemic is no easy task. COVID-19 has presented a number of challenges for people all over the United States and the world. The CDC has reported that the rate of depression among people of all ages has increased since the beginning of the pandemic. With rolling surges of the virus, extended unemployment, and isolation, many people are at their wit’s end. Brent Kloecker says that the ability to remain resilient is essential when people are going through uncertain times, and helping others fuels resilience by providing people with a sense of purpose and keeping people grounded.

Brent Kloecker Discusses How Helping Others During the Pandemic Can Help You Find Purpose and Keep You Grounded

According to Mr. Kloecker, when people think about helping others they tend to think about how much it is going to cost them. “I think most people shy away from helping others because they believe that there is a cost associated with it. It is important for people to understand that there all a lot of ways they can help people in their community during this pandemic that won’t cost them a dime. Helping another person could be as simple as engaging in a small act of kindness like holding a door for someone who is entering a building or donating clothes you no longer wear to a church, homeless shelter, or women’s shelter.”, Brent Kloecker said.

The pandemic has shined a much-needed light on mental health issues and suicide prevention in the United States. According to the CDC, approximately one person dies every 11 minutes as a result of suicide, and suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. “I believe that oftentimes people get really down on themselves because they feel that they have nothing of value to contribute to the world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Everyone has value, and the most valuable gift one person can give to another is the gift of their time. This is why volunteerism is so important because both parties gain from the endeavor. Volunteering helps to give people a sense of purpose.”, Brent Kloecker said.

According to Mr. Kloecker, he read an article in the Huffington Post several years ago that made him take a look at the relationship between helping others and his level of happiness. “I read an article that made me examine how I viewed life, and my value systems and how it tied into my volunteer work. What I discovered was that I felt much happier, and I was much more driven when I helped others. There have been a number of studies that have shown that helping others causes the body to release endorphins, which help people feel happy. I just believe that a social connectedness is what people need to stay grounded and purposeful.”, Brent Kloecker said.

Originally published at on April 3, 2021.

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